Record Label: Incolide Entertainment

All original music by Incolide is Copyrighted and is released by Incolide Entertainment and or as the releasing Label.

Incolide is a music producer & solo artist that started in Alaska, specializing in ghost song writing for artists and labels, production, post production, remixes, and sound engineer for various media projects and artists


Albums: Electro – Rewind: Then & Now – Rewind – Shallow EP

Singles: Thereafter – DayDream

Official and unofficial Remixes have been licensed and released by Dubset Media, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

No affiliation with Asnazzy and Sugo music group

For Spotify and Apple Music representatives, I have asked ALLEN CUTLER of Asnazzy and Sugo music group to take down my music that they have distributed as I own the songs and they have used Incolide as the artist name, as well as my recordings. They do not represent Incolide, or have any legal right to distribute my music.

Note for other artists they will try to steal your music and pass it off as their label release.

Incolide Music